The world is getting smaller and thank god for that. Time was (or so I’ve been told!) that food in the UK consisted basically of boiled cabbage, potatoes and beef. With maybe some nice fish and chips thrown in for a change, and of course, Sundays were all about the (meaty) roast. Foods like ‘Dim Sum’, ‘Gado Gado’ and ‘Enchiladas’ were about as British as Carmen Miranda dancing the samba in a fruit hat – but that was then.

Today, Britain and most other nations in the world are a happy mixed salad bowl  of world cuisines – so much so that chefs have gained the confidence to put a spin or two on traditionally foreign dishes, including making vegan substitutions when required.

Whether you’re a fan of spicy Indian or subtle sushi, we’ve got some  Exotic Vegan Recipes from Around the World that take the best foods from around the globe and put them right into your kitchen.

Some may be  cautious with Indian food due to the fear of too much spice, but real Indian food isn’t spicy so much as it is aromatic. That is, spices are used, yes – but not to set your tongue on fire and dull the tastebuds; rather cumin, coriander and tumeric are often used in brilliant combinations to  enhance food, much the same way a perfume makes a woman all the more charming. And whereas Indian food can sometimes leave you feeling weighed down and experiencing somewhat of a food baby, these recipes will do the opposite!

1.Tofu Cauliflower Korma

Let me just get it out there . . .  I personally don’t do well with chili. I can’t help it; whenever I eat anything too high on the spice scale, it’s like my esophagus turns into a roaring inferno and I can’t drink enough water to put it out. So a nice korma is the perfect mixture of creamy, delicious coconut and subtle spice. The addition of the tofu in this recipe really bulks the curry out in place of where meat would be in a traditional recipe, making it a nice, filling dish.

2. Butter Chik’un

Butter chicken is a popular Indian dish. It’s creamy and mildly spiced, making it a perfect dish if you’re just starting to introduce Indian flavour and spices to your cooking. The sweet couple at    hotforfood have waved their magic wand to banish boring food and have created this butter chicken recipe, and if you really love detailed instructions for cooking, they even have a YouTube video so you can follow along.

3. Golden Lentil Dal with Cilantro Speckled Basmati

The best thing about this recipe? The leftovers! Have you ever eaten Indian food the next day? It’s just as good, trust me so if you make too much of this, you can enjoy it for a few days, hurrah! This dal is creamy from the coconut giving it a real rich texture. You’ve probably eaten a curry before and felt as though your body has become sluggish and heavy to lug about, right? Well, this recipe will do the opposite – it’s going to leave you energized. What more can we ask for from good food?

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