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  • Model Number: JC-H-626
  • Brand Name: CRL
  • Material: Metal
  • Match car: for Subaru Old Legacy, for Outback
  • Special function: speed up
  • Product Size: 18*9*6 cm
  • Model Name: 5 Drive Golden Car Strong Booster
  • Display: Digital LED
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Life span: more than 20 years

Title: Cool performance ultra-thin Drive Electronic Throttle Controller for Subaru Old Legacy, for Outback golden strong booster Please leave message about your car model and manufacturered year when order! It is very important! Thanks! This item is drive electronic accelerator, only suitable for all electronic eginition cars. Product description contens 1. Important step-Car pedal port picture comfirmation. 2. 5-Drive Golden Strong Booster features and product pictures. 3. Working principle 4. Match car model sheet. 5. Installation 6. Latest customer feedbacks for reference. 7. Trade terms. The delay response on your car electronic throttle? Car strong booster help to reslove the delay problem! Improve the electronic throttle\'s sensitivity 15%-45%! Instant response! Cool driving! Are you ready to experience Car strong booster? 1. Important step - Car pedal port picture comfirmation. Please note your car make and manufacturered year when order! It is very important. TKS Considering different countries sometimes have different car pedal models, if you can take a clear pedal port photo of your car like following demo, please leave me a message of your car pedal picture so that we can send the 100% correct mode to match. Tks
Your car\'s pedal port photo:
We send the right car pedal port to match:
2. 5-Drive Golden Car Strong Booster features and product pictures.
Main Features
1). Shorten the response time of the electronic throttle
2). Improve the electronic throttle\'s sensitivity
3). Plug and play without external power supply
4). Maunal and automatic intelligent switch integration
5). 5modes/0-10 degrees adjustable
5mode: Ec fuel-saving mode / P1 comfortable accelerating mode/P2 Sport accelerating mode/P3 Racing accelerating mode / No Original accelerator mode (as it is maunal and automatic intelligent switch, so far more better than others so-called 6mode, 7mode, 8mode, 9 mode or 10mode.)
6). It can get inio the original car mode while reserving for optional 7). Easy setup , DIY finish in 3 minutes, success at one time. No need to change original car circuit, design the protection circuit of preventing the anti-plug of accelerator, which can effectively protect accelerator and car circuit.
Product pictures
3. Working principle
1. Electronic Throttle and Fly-by-wire Throttle
Along with rapid development of auto industry, auto manufacturers in America,
Germany, Japan and other countries successively adopted electronic throttle control
system early in 1990s. Electronic throttle control system mainly consists of throttle
pedal, pedal displacement sensor, ECU (electronic control unit), data bus wire, servo
motor and choker executing mechanism. Electronic throttle is generally adopted in
fairly new models. Electronic throttle is named in comparison with fly-by-wire throttle
which features direct connection between throttle pedal and choker with thin steel
wire. The treading depth of throttle pedal directly corresponds to the opening width
of choker. Electronic throttle is free of wire. Treading depth of throttle will be converted
into resistance value after a potentiometer (with variable resistance) is mounted in
pedal. Electronic system of automobile indirectly determines the depth of pedal through
sampling of resistance value. Finally, ECU will activate stepping motor to control the
opening width of choker. It can be easily found through principle comparison that fly-
by-wire throttle features simple system and direct control, with the proportion of the
opening width of throttle and choker being 1:1. Characteristics of electronic throttle
are as follows: throttle pedal only indicates driver’s operating intention, while the
final right to control choker belongs to ECU.
2. Characteristics of Electronic Throttle Control System and ECU(ECU)
In models with electronic throttle control system, ECU will analyze the treading depth
of throttle in combination with auto conditions when controlling electronic choker, and
then calculate appropriate opening width of choker at the current time. When diver
speeds up suddenly at the time of startup (tread the pedal to the utmost), ECU will
perform analysis according to the current auto speed, opening width of choker and
other factors, appropriately restrict the opening width of choker from the perspective
of fuel saving and reasonable exhaust emission, and control fuel spray system to
restrict maximum spray of fuel injection nozzle at the same time. In this way, driver
will feel that automobile begins to start after throttle is treaded for a while, which is
the so-called throttle lagging. Therefore, throttle lagging is actually the result of ECU

  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 0.3kg (0.66lb.)
  • Package Size: 25cm x 20cm x 15cm (9.84in x 7.87in x 5.91in)

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